Here are a list of the most common questions our clients ask:-

Q – Is my photographer female?

YES, Absolutely.  We employ an all-female team at Boudoir Superstar.

Q – Do I need to bring my own lingerie?

A – Yes please, we ask you to bring along 3 outfit changes of lingerie, we recommend our ladies bring all in one outfits such as baby dolls with suspenders, soft basques and other all in one outfits, we find that these are much more flattering and forgiving and look a lot more glamorous than separate bra and knicker sets, bra and knicker sets are for ladies who are 100% super confident about their tummy area, you will be sitting down on some of the photographs taken so bear that in mind too. Also bring along lacy topped stockings or holdups a pair of heels and beads and jewellery to finish off your gorgeous glamorous makeover.


We have a few props here for you to use on the day, such as lacy fans and long gloves, bead and pearls.

Q – Do I need to bring my own makeup?

A – No our professional makeup artists provide all makeup and use their own professional kit which has all shades and colours for you. We also provide you with a choice of false eyelashes to choose from. We ask you to pay particular attention to your brows, nails and hair, as you will have some close up photographs that will highlight these areas.

Q – What shall I do about my hair?

A – Just come along with it clean and dry, our stylist will curl or straighten it for you.

Q – Should I have a spray tan?

A – No please don’t have a spray tan as this can detract from your images and can cause problems for the photographer when lighting your skin.


Q – Where will my images be seen? I work in a school or government office.

A – Your images will never be seen by anyone else other than Boudoir Superstar without your permission, they will never be seen in the public domain unless you want them to be.

Q – Do I have to do all the poses myself?

A – No don’t worry, your photographer is highly trained in posing and positioning you into the most flattering positions possible.

Q – Can I bring a friend or my child to the shoot?

A – Yes of course you may bring along a friend for moral support, all we ask is that they are female as we are an all female team and pride ourselves on making ladies feel as comfortable as possible. You will be able to accompany them into the makeup room but will be asked to sit in our customer lounge with a cuppa whilst they are in the studio being photographed. We have a no children policy to the shoot and viewing sessions.

Q – Can I view my images online?

A – We only do in person viewing sessions in our viewing suite. This is a high impact experience to view your beautiful images on a large screen!

Q – How long before I view my images?

A – Usually within a week of your shoot, and always within 2 weeks of your shoot.

Q – How old do I have to be for a shoot?

A – We ask you to be at least 18 for a boudoir shoot and there is no upper age limit! We have lots of ladies in their 20’s 30’s 40’s 50’s 60’s 70’s and yes even in their 80’s! please view our senior galleries!

Q – Do I have to be slim to have a boudoir shoot?

A – You can be any size and shape, our photographers are highly skilled in making all sizes look fabulous, we are experts in this field, trust us! Just choose your outfits carefully as after having children the tummy area might not be just perfect!

Q – I am nervous, is this normal?

A – Yes Yes Yes! nearly all our lovely ladies arrive feeling nervous, we shoot lots of ladies every week and it is normal to feel nervous and apprehensive before your shoot, after your makeover you start to feel a little more relaxed and confident, we make all our ladies feel relaxed and we are not judgemental at all, every one of them leaves the studio feeling empowered and 10 feet tall.

Q – How long does my shoot take?

A – You need to allow 2 hours for your whole experience, 3 hours if you are coming along with a friend to have their shoot done. You will have separate shoots even if you get two vouchers.

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